We LOVE Youthland Christian! I have two little girls, who had only ever stayed a home with a family friend. I was worried about how they would adjust, but it was an amazingly smooth transition. Both girls love school and their teachers!!!! Youthland Christian does a great job making each day a new adventure from pajama parties, to Dr. Seuss week, to show and tell Fridays. There is always something new and exciting for the girls to look forward to!!!! As a teacher myself, I have also been really impressed with how much they have learned!!! I would not be surprised at all if the girls are already reading when they start Kindergarten. We really could not be happier with our experience at Youthland Christian, and highly recommend it!!!
~Heather S.


I currently have 2 kids enrolled in Youthland Christian and have had 4 other centers to compare daycare/preschool experiences to. I could not be happier with the service, curriculum and programs being offered. . . . . . . so much so, it was a deciding factor not to move out of the area at this time. My children are thriving, not to mention loved and taken care of by the staff!! What parent could ask for anything more?
~Angie (mom of a preschool and school ager)



Our experience with Youthland Christian and their entire staff has been nothing but amazing! When I brought my twins into Youthland in 2009 I was a nervous mom dropping off her babies for strangers to care for each and every day. Those strangers have quickly become friends and family and 6 years later with those two we are still there and added two more children into the academy in 2011. We could not ask for a better environment for our children, where they want to go each day to see their friends and to learn so much more than they know. The activities and outings are great but they are truly just an extra bonus to the caring and committed staff who is there for the kids. They work hard to make the kids comfortable and to teach them not only their scholastic needs but social skills as well each day. The staff goes above and beyond to include the families into the school as well with awesome events such as the muffins with mom and the Family Feast at Thanksgiving (our favorite)! As a working mom it is hard to leave your kids each day but knowing that are given so much love and attention makes it easier and I feel safe with my kids there each day. We highly recommend Youthland Christian to all who are looking for quality child care for their children.
~ Trina




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